When your Phoenix home has been flooded by a broken pipe, a malfunctioning appliance, or a passing thunderstorm, it’s essential to extract any moisture as soon as possible. You may be wondering if you should attempt this process on your own or if it would be best to hire a professional water mitigation company like Zona Restoration. While there are many factors to think about, we recommend you consider these three conditions when making this decision.

Professional Water Extraction vs. DIY: Which Should You Choose?

Clean or Contaminated Water

How you pursue water extraction depends on the type of water that has flooded or damaged your home. Clean water is water that has no harmful elements. Contaminated water, also known as black water, comes from a contaminated source such as a home’s septic system. Water that is contaminated requires taking extra precautions and is best handled by a professional.

Location of Moisture

Before you remove the water from your home, you need to know where the moisture intrusion took place. While some flooded areas are fairly obvious, there may be other areas in your home that have dried on the surface but are still wet underneath. There’s no way to know where this hidden moisture is unless you use a moisture meter. You’ll need to assess every area of your home with this meter to ensure you’ve discovered all intrusive moisture. If it’s not discovered and completely removed, you will eventually be dealing with an invasive mold problem.

Extent of Water Damage

Depending on the extent of the water damage, the carpet or flooring of your home may only need an extraction or may need to be completely replaced. If the damage is far-reaching, a basic household device like a shop-vac or carpet cleaner is not efficient enough to remove all the water from the carpets. Only heavy-duty water extraction equipment from a professional restoration service can efficiently dry the carpet as well as the padding.

Flood Damage Restoration in Phoenix

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