Flooding is America’s most frequently occurring disaster. Flood events alone are responsible for around two-thirds of the costs of all natural disasters in the US. Since 1980, flooding has cost taxpayers over $1 trillion. In the past 22 years since 2000, flooding has caused severe financial distress to homeowners, business owners, and communities, reaching over $850 billion in costs. There is no denying that flooding is not only the most common natural disaster in North America, but it is also the most expensive one. 


Why is flooding so devastating? At Zona Restoration, we have a long experience handling the aftermath of a flood and helping people manage the mold and water damage repair cost. So, we know that one single flood can wipe out a lifetime of savings and financial investments in a matter of minutes. Indeed, most Americans keep two-thirds of their wealth at home. Unfortunately, the majority of flood victims are often uninsured. Businesses and residents alike struggle to pick up the pieces after a devastating flood.


As 99% of US counties are at risk of being impacted by flooding at some point, we believe it is crucial to keep people informed about flood damage risks. At Zona Restoration, we are of the opinion that the more you know about potential damage, the better you can protect your belongings. So what is the correlation between flood and mold? 


Does mold occur after a flood?


The likelihood of water damage leading to mold growth is very high, indeed. Flood compromises the integrity of the property, introducing excess moisture levels in a very short amount of time. High humidity contributes to the apparition of mold spores. 


Mold is a health hazard for your property and its occupants. Exposure to mold can be harmful to individuals with respiratory problems, such as asthma or allergy. 


Additionally, excessive mold can also weaken the structure of your home or business. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that mold can grow as fast as 24 hours after a flood in the right conditions. It will become visible within 21 days. Therefore, it is important to act fast. 


Why does mold appear after flood damage?


Mold thrives in environments that combine:

  • Temperature over 70 degrees or more
  • Darkness
  • Humidity
  • Soft surfaces


As mold spores are airborne particles, they can spread easily between different areas and affect your whole property. 


The longer you let the humidity settle in after a flood, the quicker mold will appear. Consequently, at Zona Restoration, we prioritize cleaning and drying the water to restore the affected surfaces as quickly as possible. The longer you wait, the more damage it can do. 


Trust a restoration expert to control post-flooding mold


Zona Restoration offers 24/7 emergency service in the Phoenix Valley Area. You can rest assured that we’ll be here for you anytime, day or night. 


We provide a free mold and water damage repair cost estimate upon visuals, so you can resolve the humidity problem rapidly. 


We act fast to protect your home or your business from mold infestation after a flood. Get in touch now to find out more about our water damage services: (480) 656-3999.