10 Reasons To Hire Professional Mold Testing And Inspection

December 6, 2022

10 Reasons to Hire Professional Mold Testing and InspectionMold can be a problem in your house. It can cause damage to your decor as well as a variety of health issues. Hyper exposure to toxic Mold has been known to cause damage to the respiratory system and disrupt brain function.Many tenants and property owners don’t notice mold until it becomes visible. Unfortunately, mold may not always be visible to the naked eye. It may hide in crawlspaces, attics, or other areas of your home.The thought of a mold infestation may send chills down your spine. However, there is hope. Expert mold inspection services and mold testing can be used to thoroughly inspect your home for hidden mold. They can help you identify the type and severity of the problem so that you can get your remediation underway.Let’s first look at what a mold inspection is.A) What is Mold Inspection and … Continued

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November 23, 2022

The most reputable contractors are sought-after and it may be difficult to be on their schedules. This is why when you require an expert home restoration contractors company to complete major repairs following an event it’s tempting to select the person you think you will obtain the fastest. Beware of falling into that trap. Repairs and catastrophes to your home are enough to stress you out, however a contractor unfit for the job could cause more stress. The contractor you select will leave a lasting impression on the home. You’ll want someone who has the right level of experience — one that is exactly what you want for your home renovation project. Here’s how to select the best home restoration contractors for the job, even if you’re overwhelmed, stressed and under pressure to complete the task. Find out about specialized information. The majority of homeowners don’t realize this; however, the contractor who built your … Continued

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4 Reasons not to make use of an Ozone Generator for Cleaning Your Indoor Air

November 23, 2022

There are an increasing number of articles written about the application of ozone generators to improve the quality of indoor air. The majority of it makes assertions and draws conclusions without any proof or sound scientific evidence. There are some sellers who claim that their products were recognized from the Federal government even though there isn’t any agency in the federal government that has granted approval for ozone generators to be used in spaces that are occupied. The EPA released a number of documents that expose the dangers and risks of ozone, and the reasons why the use of ozone generators is not recommended. Let’s examine the reasons why you shouldn’t make use of an ozone treatment for house to improve the quality of your indoor air. Ozone Molecule What is the reason Ozone is Risky? Ozone is a small molecule that is made up from three oxygen atoms. It is extremely reactive, which … Continued

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What to Consider When Choosing a Provider of Emergency Flood Services

October 31, 2022

It’s an emergency that nobody wants to face the water is rushing into your business, possibly from an unintentional leak or burst pipe, or a severe flooding, rainstorm or a mid-winter “big melting”. The water will be “sneaky”. It could get into wall cavities as well as other places which are not visible. Each time you leave it, the damage will spread. If not properly dried the water continues to create problems like decay and growth of mould beginning within the first 24 hours. Step 1: If you can begin, the first step is to shut off the water. Locate the shut-off valve for the primary purpose that the plant is operating (and ensure that everyone else is aware when they need to locate the valve). Step 2: Call a professional. Once you’ve shut off water you’ve already caused an issue. The situation will only get worse if the homeowner doesn’t receive … Continued

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How Dangerous Is Popcorn Ceiling Asbestos?

October 17, 2022

 Asbestos has been a popular construction material in the United States up to the early 1990s. Indeed, asbestos is fire-resistant, which is why it was one of the preferred components for spray-on ceilings between 1945 and 1990. Experts estimate that asbestos is still present in approximately 30 million homes across the US. However, it is important to note that the presence of asbestos on your property does not necessarily present a health risk.  Zona Restoration helps you understand how to test whether your ceiling contains asbestos safely and how to get rid of it if there is a health concern.   What is popcorn ceiling?  Popcorn ceiling was a popular spray-on texture applied to many interior ceilings between the mid-1940s and early 1990s. It had many advantages from a building perspective.  The uneven popcorn texture made it easy to hide imperfections from sight. At a time of mass construction, building teams did not have … Continued

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5 Immediate Steps to Handle a Water Damage Emergency

October 4, 2022

 Approximately 14,000 Americans come across a water damage emergency every day, either at home or at work. Water damage is extremely frequent. A whopping 98% of US basements are at risk of experiencing some water-related damage. Over 14.5 million American homes could be impacted by water damage at any moment.  Therefore, you can’t afford to ignore the risk of water damage. Faced with an emergency situation, it is easy to panic. At Zona Restoration, our team has compiled an action plan to help you handle a water damage emergency safely and effectively. Stop the flow if possible Some water damage can be more manageable than others because you can stop or reduce the water flow. In the event of water leaks, locating your water shutoff valves can reduce the extent of the damage. If you live in a region prone to flooding, you may need to take appropriate measures to prevent the water from … Continued

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How do you repair a water leak?

September 26, 2022

As energy bills are soaring, the last thing you need is a water leak. Water leaks can dramatically affect your bill and the integrity of your home. However, water leaks are a lot of common than you might think. Indeed, every year, US households waste almost 900 billion gallons of water only to leak only. According to recent surveys, up to 77% of Americans report experiencing the consequences of a water leak, even if they can’t identify where the leak occurred.   Experts estimate that up to 50% of home owners experience 2.2 water damage insurance claims due to leaks. Yet, it doesn’t vanish into thin air. On the contrary, at Zona Restoration, we are familiar with water leak repair services. When spotted early, a water leak can be managed and stopped without causing significant damage to your property. Here’s what you can do against water leaks.  How do I know if … Continued

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Is Black Mold From Water Damage Making You Sick?

September 19, 2022

You’ve probably heard before that black mold is one of the most dangerous types of mold. Yet, you are unsure whether you have black mold at home and whether it is making you sick.  At Zona Restoration, we help you understand what black mold from water damage is and how it can affect your health. With years of experience in restoration projects related to flood and other water damage, we are proud to empower our customers to look after their health and belongings. How do I know if I have black mold? This is an important question to ask. Indeed, despite its obvious description, the black mold fungus — Stachybotrys Chartarum — can be hard to spot. Indeed, black mold spores thrive in dark and damp places after excessive water exposure. It can grow inside a wall or underneath appliances, making it difficult to see. In other words, black mold could grow in your … Continued

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Can flood damage cause mold?

September 12, 2022

Flooding is America’s most frequently occurring disaster. Flood events alone are responsible for around two-thirds of the costs of all natural disasters in the US. Since 1980, flooding has cost taxpayers over $1 trillion. In the past 22 years since 2000, flooding has caused severe financial distress to homeowners, business owners, and communities, reaching over $850 billion in costs. There is no denying that flooding is not only the most common natural disaster in North America, but it is also the most expensive one.  Why is flooding so devastating? At Zona Restoration, we have a long experience handling the aftermath of a flood and helping people manage the mold and water damage repair cost. So, we know that one single flood can wipe out a lifetime of savings and financial investments in a matter of minutes. Indeed, most Americans keep two-thirds of their wealth at home. Unfortunately, the majority of flood … Continued

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How Do I Quickly Check A House For Water Damage?

August 25, 2022

The causes of water damage vary and can be due to leaks and burst pipes, extreme weather conditions such as strong winds driving water into homes, or flooding caused by rising water levels. But, whatever the cause of the water damage, there is no doubt that it can be disastrous for a property. Water damage is an issue that affects many homes, causing extensive damage to the property and significant disruption for homeowners. According to insurance company Zurich, in terms of frequency, 57% of real estate claims to Zurich North America are related to water damage. In terms of severity, 71% of Zurich’s real estate claims are for water damage; this makes water damage a leading cause of insurance claims and also one of the most costly.  Selling a House After Water Damage One of the main issues with water damage is that it cannot always be detected right away. This TikTok video … Continued

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