10 Reasons to Hire Professional Mold Testing and Inspection

Mold can be a problem in your house. It can cause damage to your decor as well as a variety of health issues. Hyper exposure to toxic Mold has been known to cause damage to the respiratory system and disrupt brain function.

Many tenants and property owners don’t notice mold until it becomes visible. Unfortunately, mold may not always be visible to the naked eye. It may hide in crawlspaces, attics, or other areas of your home.

The thought of a mold infestation may send chills down your spine. However, there is hope. Expert mold inspection services and mold testing can be used to thoroughly inspect your home for hidden mold. They can help you identify the type and severity of the problem so that you can get your remediation underway.

Let’s first look at what a mold inspection is.

  1. A) What is Mold Inspection and Testing?

Mold inspections are a way to find out if mold is growing in your house, rental or commercial property. Expert mold inspectors will examine your property and find any signs of excessive moisture, water damage, or active infestations.

However, professional mold testing focuses on diagnosing the type of mold in a building. The most common mold testing involves:

  • Air Testing Inspectors inspect the levels of mold spores found in your indoor environment.
  • Home Surface Testing: Inspectors wipe down household surfaces to count the mold spores.

A certified mold inspector will

  • Check to see if there are any mold problems. Mold experts are needed because mold patches can be easily confused with dirt and other stains.
  • Determine the severity of the infestation.
  • Detect hidden moisture leaks.
  • Recommend preventative strategies and a mold elimination plan.
  • Examine for evidence of past mold infestations.
  • Your HVAC system should be inspected.
  • You can moisture map your entire home.

There are many reasons you should schedule frequent mold inspections on your building. A professional mold inspection will do the trick.

  1. Mold Exposure Minimized

Mold poses a serious risk to your health. Toxic mold is often a leading suspect in cases of chronic inflammatory response syndrome (CIRS). This multi-symptom disease affects the lungs. It can also cause damage to the skin and central nervous systems. Mold is known to worsen asthma attacks and other preexisting respiratory problems.

Mold testing by professionals and mold inspections are able to detect toxic mold traces inside your home. If you recognize a mold problem you can reduce exposure and protect your loved one.

  1. Protects Your Building from Structural Damage

Mold is a parasite and feeds off organic hosts like ceiling tiles, wood, paper, cardboard, and ceiling tiles. If left unchecked mold can eat building materials and open the door to dry rot. In extreme situations, you might be forced to toss the entire structure.

You can save your house from serious damage by quickly identifying and remediating mold growth. Here’s where professional mold inspections come in handy.

Mold inspectors examine places where mold is not usually found. They examine behind walls, underneath plumbing fixtures, inside flooring and ceiling tubes, as well under appliances. They can help you get rid of the infestation faster than it spreads and causes damage to other areas.

  1. Highlights Water Damage

Mold doesn’t grow spontaneously. Water damage is the main cause of mold growth. Mold spores that settle on damp surfaces can multiply quickly, leading to an infestation.

To really root out mold you will need to deal with moisture within your building. You can use moisture meters to locate high-water content areas. A professional mold inspector is available to assist you. Knowing the moisture levels in your building will help you eradicate mold permanently.

  1. Gives you an accurate mold assessment

You might be tempted by the idea of buying an over-the-counter home mold test tool, but we would advise against it. Here’s why.

  • DIY mold testing is often inaccurate or misleading. It’s impossible to do a scientific analysis in your living area.
  • They don’t come with visual inspections.
  • Every home has mold. Even if a home DIY project yields positive results it doesn’t tell you much.

Professional mold testing is carried out by professionals in a controlled environment. Professional mold testing is therefore much more reliable and precise. Professionals sample molds using proven methods and procedures.

To assess the mold situation in your building, you should always hire a professional mold testing and inspection company.

  1. It allows you to plan ahead

The mold inspection can help you determine the extent of the problem and give you a clear plan of action. Once you determine the extent of your outbreak, you can make an estimate about the duration of removal. This will allow you to create alternate living arrangements or move your children to a different area for a period of time. They say you can’t move until you know.

  1. Improves Indoor Air Quality

Indoor mold spores directly affect your indoor air quality. A high level of mold spores indoors can lead to allergies, eye irritation, itchy sinuses, and eye irritation in people who are more susceptible than others.

An indoor mold inspector will take samples from your home and provide an approximate count. This information can help you increase your efforts for improving the IAQ of your building.

  1. Maintenance of property value

What happens if you want to sell a home that has mold?

Mold is generally a red flag. It can lower property values. You can hire a professional mold inspector to help you get started on remediation and correct moisture problems well in advance.

  1. It will help you save money

The cost of mold removal depends on many factors, including the location of the mold, its type, and how large it is. It is possible to spend a lot more to remove mold if it is spread over large areas.

You should act quickly considering the speed at which mold spreads. The faster you act to address a mold problem, it will grow exponentially.

It is possible to prevent the spread of mold by early detection. Zona Restoration is the best person to call to schedule a professional mold inspection.

  1. This valuable information is invaluable in mold prevention

Reputable mold inspection and testing firms don’t just inspect your home or place of business. They can also recommend ways to prevent future mold outbreaks. Some of these tips are:

  • Ventilation throughout the building must be maintained
  • Use exhaust fans in bathrooms
  • Drying wet areas as fast as possible
  • Use mold-resistant materials
  • Roof gutters need to be cleaned and repaired as frequently as possible
  • Remove standing water from roofs

The mold inspectors are experts in the field and can help to prevent any serious mold infestations. All you have to do is follow their guidance and conduct regular inspections.

  1. Provides Complete Detection

A professional mold inspection is not a visual inspection. Experiential mold inspectors will know what to check for. They also bring a variety of high-tech equipment to the scene such as thermal imaging cameras.

Also, unlike homeowners that may give up halfway through the search, a mold inspector will continue to inspect every part of the house. A mold inspector can also remove paneling and drywall to better inspect your ceilings.

There is no substitute for professional mold inspections. Your entire home will have been inspected for mold.

When should you consider mold inspection and testing?

If you suspect mold infestation, you should immediately contact a mold inspector. Here are some other situations that may warrant professional mold testing.

  • Water damage: You should check for mold if you’ve recently had to deal with flooding, leaks, or sprays. It can fall on any surface that was not dried quickly enough.
  • Buying an older home or property: It is possible for mold to develop in a building or house that has been closed up for a prolonged period, especially in areas that are more susceptible to moisture and heat.
  • After mold remediation: To make sure that you have removed all the mold, it is important to test for it after the cleanup process has ended. It is also an excellent way to keep remediation firms on their toes.
  • Disputes between Your Landlords. In the event that you discover mold spots, and your landlord refuses you to acknowledge them as such, you can request an inspection to examine the matter further.

The Bottom Line

It can be difficult to identify mold problems. It is possible to disturb mold growth or release spores within your building if you are not careful. This is why mold testing and inspection professionals are best suited to the job. They will take all precautions to ensure your safety.

Zona Restoration is a professional mold remediation company that provides services in residential, commercial, or childcare center areas across Arizona. Our experts are certified to identify mold and other indoor environmental concerns. We will ensure that you are not worried about how your indoor environment is affecting your family. Contact Us Today for More Information!