Ozone Treatment & Odor Control

Rid your home of odor caused by bacteria, pet dander, or cigarette smoke with our professional ozone treatment and odor control. Zona Restoration has been providing effective smoke odor removal in Phoenix and the surrounding communities since 2012. Request an estimate today by calling (480) 656-3999.


Ozone Treatments Help Destroy Odors

When moving to a new home or apartment in the Phoenix area, you may experience some not-so-pleasant odors from the previous tenants or owners. Avoid hours of heavy cleaning or repainting the entire home with our professional odor removal services. An ozone treatment for your home does not simply mask odors; it kills all odor-causing bacteria, completely eliminating any nasty smells, such as:

  • Smoke
  • Urine
  • Pets
  • Mildew
  • Food
  • Mold


LIC#283644 & LIC#296212

What Is Ozone and How Does It Work?

Ozone is created whenever an oxygen molecule gains a third oxygen atom. Ozone generators operate by attaching a third oxygen atom to create ozone gas before placing it back into the air or water. This element is an effective odor control treatment for microbes like bacteria, viruses, and mold. Ozone works by:

  • Reacting with molecules of other materials
  • Breaking down the molecule’s cells
  • Killing any odor-causing elements

Once the microscopic bacteria is completely erased, all odors are then neutralized permanently.


Ozone Treatment: Safe & Cost-Effective

Our ozone smoke removal treatments are a cost-effective alternative to sanitizing your home. Rather than renting a time-consuming carpet scrubber or sending out window treatments to an expensive dry cleaner, the professionals at Zona can have your home smelling fresh and new in a matter of hours. While ozone treatments are a safe method for cleaning your home’s structure, it is not safe for any living items in your home, such as people, pets, or plants. All of these living elements must remain out of the home while the ozone treatment is underway.


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Choose Zona for Safe & Effective Odor Removal

With honest prices and quality service, we are happy to provide smoke odor removal services to residents in Phoenix and nearby communities including Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, and the many surrounding areas. Call us today at (480) 656-3999 to request a free estimate. We also offer an extensive range of specialized services including lead testing and removal, asbestos abatement and removal, duct cleaning, and repair and restoration from water damage.