3 Myths about Build Back and Reconstruction

January 18, 2022

Does your home need build-back and reconstruction services due to a devastating fire, plumbing leaks, or mold remediation? You may be wondering if you need to hire a professional reconstruction company or if you can attempt your home’s restoration as a DIY project. To help you make the best choice for your specific situation, Zona Restoration has addressed a few myths surrounding professional reconstruction services.

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5 Circumstances That Require Build Back and Reconstruction Services

July 5, 2021

When your home has suffered from water damage, fire damage, or a mold infestation, you may need more than our effective remediation services. Zona Restoration can provide any clean-up solutions, but we can also restore your home with our complete build back and reconstruction services. If you’ve experienced any of the devastating problems below, you can trust our high-quality reconstruction services.

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Choose Zona for Expert Tile Repair & Installation Services

November 1, 2020

When looking for a professional tile contractor to restore your home to its former flawless condition, you want a restoration company you can trust. With Zona Restoration, you’ll have contractors with years of experience and dependable service working on your most valuable physical asset – your home. Consider these three reasons for choosing Zona when your home is in need of tile repair and remediation services.

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4 Types of Build Back Services from Zona Restoration

September 24, 2020

If your home has suffered water damage, fire damage, lead removal, or asbestos abatement, you most likely need professional build back restoration services. With build back reconstruction projects, Zona Restoration can repair slightly damaged or completely devastated areas, restoring them to their original state. While we can reconstruct any area of your home, we specialize in restoring these more common areas with our superb repairs and restoration services.

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