5 Fire Safety Prevention Tips for Your Home

March 31, 2022

There are times when house fires occur accidentally due to no fault of our own. While you cannot completely eradicate the possibility of these disastrous events, there are a few tips you can follow that can help minimize their likelihood. Follow these five fire safety prevention tips from Zona Restoration to keep your Tempe home as secure as possible from the dangers of accidental fires.

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3 Myths about Build Back and Reconstruction

January 18, 2022

Does your home need build-back and reconstruction services due to a devastating fire, plumbing leaks, or mold remediation? You may be wondering if you need to hire a professional reconstruction company or if you can attempt your home’s restoration as a DIY project. To help you make the best choice for your specific situation, Zona Restoration has addressed a few myths surrounding professional reconstruction services.

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3 Reasons Why You May Need Tile Installation Services

October 10, 2021

Has your kitchen tile floor been destroyed by a kitchen fire? Does your bathroom tile floor need to be replaced after mold has multiplied from a burst pipe? If so, you need the professional tile installation services from Zona Restoration. There are several reasons why you may need to have your tile replaced. Keep reading to learn more.

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4 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Water Restoration Company

July 19, 2021

It’s essential to choose the right flood damage restoration company when you’ve had a destructive accident occur in your Tempe, AZ, home. You’ll want to know if their technicians are trained, if they use the most up-to-date equipment and mitigation techniques, if they’re available 24/7, and other important information that will mean quick and effective restoration of your home. At Zona Restoration, we can answer these questions, and many more, with a positive result each and every time.

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4 Causes of Water Damage in Your Home

April 19, 2021

No one likes to come home from a long day at work and find that their refrigerator has leaked all over the kitchen floor or that there is water leaking elsewhere from an unidentified source. Unfortunately, not all clogged drains, leaky pipes, and water damage repairs can be avoided. But thankfully, the experts at Zona Restoration know that there are specific things you can watch for that may help to prevent most of them. Below are four of the most common sources of water damage we find in homes across the Tempe, AZ, area.

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3 Results of Our Professional Duct Cleaning Service

January 19, 2021

Having your home’s air ducts cleaned provides your family with more than a sanitized and disinfected air duct system. Clean air to breathe, fewer allergens, and reduced energy costs are all amazing results of having your home’s HVAC system thoroughly and professionally cleaned. Zona Restoration gladly provides this service to homeowners throughout the Tempe, AZ, area. If your family struggles with allergies or wishes to reduce their energy costs, keep reading to learn more about the remarkable benefits of professional duct cleaning.1. Clean AirOver time and with regular use, your home’s HVAC system gathers dust and other contaminants. If the air ducts are not cleaned regularly, these impurities end up in the air you breathe. Dust, dander, and other toxins that are harmful to your health will continue to circulate throughout your home. The only way to rid your home of these impurities is to properly clean your home’s duct … Continued

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3 Ways We Restore Kitchen Cabinets

October 16, 2020

Do you need to have your cabinets replaced because of a mold problem, flooding in your bathroom, or smoke damage in your Tempe area home? Replacing your cupboards is not the only option. The team at Zona Restoration can install, rebuild, or refinish them, depending on the damage incurred and the result you’re looking for. Keep reading to learn more about our cabinet installation, rebuilding, and refinishing services performed by our highly trained carpenters.1. InstallationWhether you want to update your bathroom or need new cabinets installed due to a kitchen fire, the team at Zona can professionally and effectively install cabinets in your home. We perform cabinet installation in bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, basements, garages, family rooms, and many more areas. 2. RebuildOur remodeling services include much more than cabinet installation. We can also rebuild your existing cabinets. Maybe the overall structure of your cabinets is fine, but they simply need a … Continued

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Need a Fresh Look? Consider These Remodeling Services from Zona

July 21, 2020

Is it time to update your kitchen by adding more storage cabinets or counter space? Does your bathroom desperately need an update, as it was last remodeled back in the 1980s? Whether you’re looking to remodel your kitchen, bathroom, or your entire home, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the high level of service and craftsmanship from Zona Restoration. Not only are we a high-quality restoration company, but we also provide top-notch remodeling services throughout the entire Tempe area.Bathroom RenovationsIf the bathroom pipes exploded and caused water damage beneath the flooring, or you simply want to update the ancient fixtures, Zona is your go-to bathroom remodeling solution. We can manage all phases of a bathroom renovation, including:Tub/shower installationSink/basin installationToilet installation or repairTiles for shower wall or floorLighting installationAnd more!Updated KitchensIs your family growing and you need more dining and counter space in your kitchen? Maybe you’d like to simply update the … Continued

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4 Types of Home Damage That Can Benefit from Reconstruction Services

April 20, 2020

Reconstruction companies such as Zona Restoration, are general contractors that specialize in correcting building defects caused by fire damage, water intrusion, and other home disasters. This type of in-depth and technical construction requires specialized equipment and highly trained technicians. If you’ve experienced any of the events below, your home can benefit from our build back and reconstruction services.1. Water DamageIf your home is damaged from minor or major water intrusion, reconstruction services are the best solution for your home. We can rebuild any area of your house that has been affected by leaky pipes, burst water heaters, flood damage, or rain damage.2. Fire & Smoke DestructionWhen the kitchen has caught on fire or a defective appliance has caused an electrical outlet to burn, Zona can repair these areas of your home, making them look like new. We can also rid your home of any lingering smoke damage using our ozone … Continued

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4 Reasons to Choose Zona for Whole Home Restoration Services

February 6, 2020

When disaster strikes your home, your mind is reeling a million miles a minute. You don’t want to think about making phone calls or setting appointments when you need to be caring for your home and your family. Zona Restoration can take care of everything for you. Our priority is to have you back in your newly restored home as soon as possible.

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